Curious Pit Bull Is Spooked By Pineapple In Adorable Video

February 09, 2018

Is there anything cuter than a dog who is irrationally spooked by something? Of course not! Well, one adorable little pit bull named Lola was so confused when her owner brought a rather new thing into the house with the rest of the groceries!

When Lola spotted the unusual fruit seated atop the counter, she approached it curiously. She let out a few tentative barks, staring at it warily as she approached it.

When the pineapple didn’t move or back down at the loud woofs, Lola decided that the best course of action was to slowly back up and away from the threatening new object. Lola’s owner tried to soothe the spooked pup, but she wasn’t having any of it!

Lola turned to her owner for help, hoping that since she had brought in the mysterious thing that she could get rid of it. Her owner grabbed the pineapple and held it up, hoping to help soothe the frightened dog!

Lola backed up, wagging her tail and woofing lowly. As her owner tried to comfort her, she took a few steps forward curiously only to then take a few steps back as the pineapple stayed in her owner’s hand.

When the pineapple was set on the ground, Lola backed up some more! Her owner then stopped recording so that she could remove the pineapple and comfort her beloved pup!