Filthy Kitten Is Given A Fighting Chance When He Runs From A Dumpster To A Man In The Street For Help

November 08, 2017

It was Halloween when he heard the sound. It wasn't a scary noise though; it was the loud mewing of a kitten. After a little searching, he realized that the sound was coming from underneath the dumpsters.

As he neared the dumpsters, a tiny kitten ran out to greet him! The poor creature was dirty from whiskers-to-tail and seemed desperate for attention. The man looked around for other feline family members and asked his neighbors if they had seen the kitten before. The answer was no. Because the kitten was so filthy, it looked as though it must have been alone for quite awhile.

He took the disheveled kitten to the vet's office to be checked out. After a warm bath to get rid of the nasty fleas that had infested his skin, and getting his eyes cleaned up, the kitten was much cleaner and happier too!

After being treated for three days - for parasites and an eye infection - he was able to leave the vet. The man talked to an older woman, who was known for being a cat lady in his neighborhood, and she eagerly took the kitten in. He is now in his fur-ever home and living with lots of new fur-iends!

In the video, below, you will see how one man changed the fate of a filthy kitten. It is essential that we be aware of our surroundings; you never know when there might be an animal in need of a little TLC!

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