Kitten Rescue In LA Is Doing All They Can To Ensure Every Cat Whether Young Or Old, Hits The Jackpot With A Fur-ever Family

November 09, 2017

One spring day in 1997 Sue Romaine was leaving from her volunteer shift at West Valley Animal Shelter in LA when she crossed paths with a man carrying a paper bag. She stopped to talk to him, and he explained that he was taking a four-week-old kitten that he had found in his yard to the shelter.

Immediately Sue's heart sank as he told her the story of how he had brought in the siblings of the kitten they day before, but this one had been harder to catch. She was saddened because she knew that since the kittens were so young, they had been euthanized almost immediately.

Knowing the fate of the kitten, she told him she would take the young creature home with her. The sweet innocent kitten inspired Sue to want to help the many forgotten felines of LA. That is the story of how Jackpot became the very first rescue of Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles.

Since the birth of the no-kill grassroots rescue, they have placed an astounding 17,000 animals into loving homes and helped save the lives of thousands more with their other programs like their Trap-Spay/Neuter-Release program.

Just recently, they opened a new facility called The Kitten Rescue Nursery where they take in kittens from the city of shelter that are newborn up to 4 weeks old. These sweet babes are bottle-fed around the clock and given lots of loving until they are ready to move to foster homes and then eventually a fur-ever home!

Even though their name is Kitten Rescue, they do not discriminate against older kitties. In fact, they have a few permanent senior residents as well. How wonderful that there is an organization like this in Los Angeles that is out there making a difference in the lives of the forgotten felines!

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