Found In The Snow On Thanksgiving Day, Lazarus Was A Frigid Icicle. The Outcome Looked Bleak Until There Was A Thanksgiving Miracle

November 08, 2017

On a chilly Thanksgiving morning, Branden Bingham and his family went out to play in the freshly-fallen snow. They were having fun throwing snowballs and jumping in the powder when their oldest son stumbled upon something hidden in the snow.

He quickly called his dad over, and they realized that he had discovered a tiny kitten frozen in the snow! They rushed to the house, unsure of whether or not the icy soul was still alive. When they realized that it might be able to be saved, Branden's brother began to perform CPR on the lifeless feline.

The kitten was unresponsive, and things were looking bleak on that Thanksgiving Day. People told him to give up, but he refused and just knew that there was still a chance the frozen kitten might pull through. It was over an hour later when they saw the first glimmer of hope. The tiny creature opened its eyes!

By that evening, the once-frigid kitten began to warm back up and felt well enough to walk, explore, and eat a little food. It was clear what the kitten who was dead and brought back to life should be named, Lazarus! Lazarus went to live with Branden's cousin who had him checked out by a vet and helped him make a full recovery.

The Bingham family was so sad that they could not take the kitten home, especially the son who found him in the snow, but they knew a long car ride home would not be good for the young feline. Once he had regained his strength, though, they were able to get him and bring him back to be their fur-ever kitty!

What could have ended in a heartbreaking Thanksgiving memory, instead became a sweet memory of hope and new life! Amazingly, the whole thing was captured with a GoPro, and you too can witness the frozen kitty being brought back to life!

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