Elliot Was Saved From A Kill Shelter. Now He’s Training To Rescue Others Who Need His Help

October 17, 2017

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. Their forgiveness and loving attitudes are so unique and are qualities that we could all learn to improve on. No matter what horrible circumstances they’ve been forced to deal with, they overcome and don’t hold it against others! In 2016, an adorable pup found himself alone and scared, abandoned by the ones who had promised to care for him for his entire life. Instead of finding a no-kill rescue where Elliot would be safe while he awaited his new family, they dumped him at a local kill shelter, where they knew the odds of his being euthanized were quite high.

Shay’s Strays from Los Angeles, California, rescued the gorgeous tan mutt with a white chest and dark brown muzzle, from the kill shelter. They named the sweet dog Elliot and began the search to find him his perfect forever home. They knew that this dog was destined for amazing things, and his new family would have to be one that could help him fulfill his potential. On December 4, 2016, Elliot was adopted by his loving parents, and he went to the perfect forever home.

His new doting family could not figure out what breed this gorgeous pup was, so they had him DNA-tested! Elliot turned out to be a rather unexpected mix - 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 25% Mini Poodle, and 25% Chihuahua! He clearly takes after his American Staffordshire Terrier parent in looks, although he is a lot smaller than the average AM-Staff (the commonly used nickname for the American Staffordshire Terrier). Elliot is definitely one of the top five weirdest mixes I’ve ever heard of, a close second to the Dachshund-American Pit Bull Terrier mix!

Elliot is a sweet and playful dog who loves nothing more than his blue ball! He enjoys running and playing with his toy every chance he gets. He’s also a very outgoing dog, and he loves to play with other canines whenever he can! One of the favorite places this California dog loves to go to play and relax is the doggie beach where he revels in swimming and splashing with other pups.

Ever since Elliot came home, he’s been working hard to become a Certified Therapy Dog! Training to become a therapy dog is a lot of work! They have to be perfectly behaved and calm in public, and can’t be afraid of anything ‘weird’ like bicycles or wheelchairs! When he becomes certified, he’ll go to schools and hospitals to visit with children and help them read, or visit people who just need someone to talk to! He may even be called on to go to areas that have been struck by disaster, to help bring the victims some sense of relief or calmness. This dog who suffered the loss of his family and never held it against humans is now going to be doing his best to rescue people in the best way he can.

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