Gracie’s Litter Was Left Behind When Their Owner Moved Out. Luckily, Someone Spotted Them Before It Was Too Late

November 30, 2017

Gracie Lou is a gorgeous red-and-white Australian Cattle Dog who lives with her adoring family in Northern Wisconsin, where she is spoiled rotten. Gracie Lou, or Gracie as her friends call her, is one of the sweetest pups around - and one of the most adventurous! Gracie has never met an adventure she didn’t want to go on, or a chipmunk she didn’t want to chase!

Gracie Lou was born on a small farm in Kansas, where her mother, Bailey, and father, Rocky, helped herd the livestock. Bailey, a gorgeous Blue Heeler, gave birth to Gracie and her ten siblings underneath the barn and did her best to raise them up to be good cattle dogs. When the pups were still quite young, the owner sold all of the livestock, loaded his belongings into the truck, and grabbed Rocky.

The owner left the farm, abandoning Bailey and her puppies, not caring what happened next to the young family. The owner’s brother came to the farm to make sure nothing had been left behind, only to find a very hungry and scared Bailey. He immediately began the search to find someone who would take in the family, knowing that if they ended up at a shelter, they would most likely be euthanized due to overcrowding.

Luckily for everyone, Happy Tails Rescue in Minnesota was more than willing to take on the dogs! After the family made the long trip to Minnesota, they continued to blossom into wonderful dogs! When the pups were eight weeks old, they were finally ready to be adopted and find their perfect forever homes!

The first to be adopted was their adoring momma, Bailey. As the days and weeks passed, all of the puppies got adopted out - except Gracie! One sunny day, a young college student who was learning to become a teacher went to the shelter and, when she first laid eyes on Gracie, she knew they were meant to be together!

Gracie fell in love with her older adopted sister, Journey, and she’s been a beloved family member ever since. Nowadays, she spends her time on the lake or bounding through the snow living the best life a pup could ever dream of! Even though it was a long road to her new home, this amazing pup seems not to care one whit about how long it took her.

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