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It's A Miracle! This Rare Birth Of Twin Foals Is Something Extraordinary To See

December 05, 2017

I grew up around horses and have loved them my entire life. About 12 years ago one of our mares became pregnant, and it was super-exciting for me. She ended up giving birth to the most beautiful Palomino, and we named her “Jewel.” Horses are just so incredible!

The chance of having twin foals is very slim. This mare, named Daisy, just beat those odds when she did something rare and amazing - that only one out of 10,000 pregnant mares does. Twins among humans occur in about one out of 31 births, so you can imagine how rare this twin birth was. The double blessing was a surprise to their owners, who did not know their mare was pregnant with twins until she gave birth to Don Quixote and Duet. Imagine how surprised everyone was when the second foal popped out!

Jenni is the founder of Saratoga Stud in South Africa. Jenni, a passionate horse-lover, was overcome with excitement when one of her mares named Daisy became pregnant with her first foal. Daisy, a gorgeous Palomino, was seven days overdue when she finally started to show signs of labor. This beautiful horse had no trouble delivering her tiny foal, and she was overjoyed as she welcomed her baby, Don Quixote, into the world. Daisy was super-attentive to her small, but healthy, baby boy.

Jenni was very happy about the healthy colt, but she was also a bit concerned about his size. He was surprisingly small for how Daisy carried during her pregnancy. Because of the mama’s size, they were expecting a much larger foal. To everyone's shock, all concerns were put to rest when, all of a sudden, Daisy’s labor continued. Daisy was restless, and what they thought was the afterbirth was actually the second foal. Daisy was having TWINS!!! Twins are very rare for horses and they usually do not survive.

It was soon evident that Daisy couldn’t pull off this second birth on her own. The foal was positioned with its back legs coming out first, and everyone was worried about the new foal's survival.

The next few minutes would be critical, as the chance of having two healthy foals is very uncommon. So, when the next little foal came out healthy, everyone was overwhelmed with excitement. It was a filly (female foal). They named her Duet, and she was ready to stand within minutes. The two tiny foals were on their feet running around and playing. Today they are happy, playful, and healthy twins.

“They now spend every day outdoors and stay side-by-side, only going to mom for a drink but spending most of their days grazing together and meeting the new foals as much as the new mom would allow,” Jenni says. “They are both very happy little souls who have brought us such joy over the last few months, both very tame and enjoy human company and will be part of Saratoga forever. We consider them our miracle after a tough couple of years and they will never be for sale.”

These two beautiful babies are something spectacular to see. We wish them a happy and healthy life, along with their beautiful mom, Daisy. Watch the video of their amazing birth, below.

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