Little Puppy Enjoys Dinner So Much And His Unexpected Reaction Had His Family Rolling

July 27, 2017

Pets have an adorable habit of doing unexpected things. Whether they demonstrate a hidden talent or simply reveal a habit that their owner did not know about, it is safe to say that pets keep us on our toes. This is most certainly the case with the little puppy in this story when he decided that his dinner was just too good to keep his feet on the ground.

One night, a little Boston terrier puppy was given a special treat for dinner. What was more, his parents allowed him to eat his dinner up on the kitchen counter. The pup was so excited to dig into his meal and wasted no time in trying to get as much of the delicious food into his mouth. That was when his body had a most unusual response.

As the little pup enthusiastically ate, his back legs started to rise off the counter. As soon as the pup's little legs would fall back to the counter, they would rise back up again in apparent glee. Finally, the puppy's little legs rose up so far and fast that the little pup flipped right into his food bowl. Looks like the little guy may enjoy food as, if not more than I do! Watch the video below to see the puppy's hilarious reaction.

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