Lovable Boxer Pup Is Terrified Of Something On The Back Door. When His Parents See What it Is, They Burst Out Laughing

October 03, 2017

If you are anything like me, then it is safe to say that dogs rank pretty high on your love list. Some of the most lovable dogs, however, get a bad reputation just because of the way they look. Boxers are one such breed but, as the dog in this story proves, Boxers are some of the friendliest and hysterically gentle dogs you could ever hope to meet.

This particular Boxer who, like the rest of his breed, might be considered intimidating or aggressive by some, is having quite the time trying to get back into the house through the back door. The issue is that there seems to be something in his way that was not there when he came outside. The frightened pup seems reluctant to even approach the unfamiliar object. What could be so terrifying to keep this big dog at bay, you ask?

A tiny feather. That's right, a feather! Whenever the breeze picks up, the feather moves and the timid pup does not trust it for one second. The dog makes a few swipes at the feather before it finally detaches itself from the bottom of the door. At last, the bashful doggie is free to re-enter his home. Watch the video, below, to see the hilariously cute encounter for yourself!

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