Mom Realizes That Her Children Have Been Quiet For Too Long. When She Checks On Them, She Immediately Loses Her Composure

February 05, 2018

Have you ever watched children? If you have then you know that they can get themselves into pretty peculiar predicaments. This story is a true testament to the lengths that children go to.

One day, three-year-old Emily was spending some quality time with her little brother, Ethan. While their mother was in another room, the two siblings were alone. Their mother was used to them playing with each other and decided to let them be while she got some much-needed work done.

It seems that the mother’s tasks got the best of her and, after an extended amount of time away from her kids, she figured she ought to check on them. As she was walking toward them, she smiled at the thought of how quiet they had been while she was working and how rare that was.

When she turned the corner into the room they were in, she was shocked.

Emily and Ethan were both sitting on top of the kitchen table. But wait, it gets crazier.

Emily had her hands dipped in a Skippy Peanut Butter container while Ethan was completely covered from head to toe in peanut butter. Nearly every inch of him was covered in the peanut butter!

The mother gasped and began recording! She asked them what they were doing and Emily simply replied with “I don’t know.”

The two clearly had no idea what they were doing. All they knew was that they both liked the feeling of peanut butter, haha! Check out the video, below, to see the two little masterminds caught in the act!

Have you ever seen anything like this? What would you do if you walked into this?!

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