Mother Cat Goes Into Labor, Within Moments Gets Help From The Most Unlikely Friend In The House

August 08, 2017

It is no secret that dogs and cats are polar opposites and, often, don't necessarily enjoy being around one another. While I am more of a dog person, cats are also wonderful and loving pets. It is always amazing, however, that when push comes to shove, no matter how different they may be, animals stand up for one another and stay by each other's sides in times of trouble. That was certainly the case when a family cat went into labor and got the help from the most unlikely midwife around.

One afternoon, a family cat went into labor. The family had been waiting with eager anticipation for the day that the cat would bring her kittens into the world so when they realized the time had come, they immediately ran and got the video camera ready. The birthing process went smoothly enough and it seemed like everything was going according to plan. The family was therefore shocked when the family dog came into the room. What was even more shocking was when the dog laid down next to the cat and offered her comfort and support.

The dog licked the cat's fur to help clean her off and, also, licked every single kitten to help the mother clean them off. It was almost as if the dog wanted the kittens to know that he was going to be their big, protective brother. After all was said and done all of the kittens were happy and healthy. The mama cat, her kittens, and their doggie protector all laid down afterward and took a nap together. The family was amazed at the new bond that had been formed that day and the internet was sure glad they caught it on camera! Watch the video below to see the amazing delivery.

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