Over 30 Million People Have Fallen In Love With This Adorable Animal Video And We Are Positive You Will Too

August 02, 2017

If there is one thing that is true of people, it is the fact that we function best when we have good friends around us. Everyone needs people in their life that build them up. The amazing thing about friendship is that it transcends the line between the animal kingdom and humankind. Animals need friends as well and, as seen in the commercial in this story, not all everyone has to be the same in order to be best friends.

Ok, so it may be a phone commercial but that does not mean that the adorable animals involved won't melt your heart. The Android phone company certainly knew what they were doing when they decided to make an entire commercial based on unique animal friendships. From dogs and dolphins to elephants and sheep and, of course, monkeys and dogs. People have been glued to the screen while viewing this adorable commercial since it first came out.

The commercial carries a sweet message behind it as well. "Be together. Not the same." The commercial shows us that no matter how different we may be from other people or how different animals may be from one another, friendship breaks down all barriers. Does the one minute video have anything to do with android phones? Not really but we aren't complaining one bit. Prepare to watch the video below over and over again!

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