Ever Wonder What Dogs Do When You Aren't Home? Woman Set Up A Camera To Find Out And Was Stunned By What She Saw

August 03, 2017

If you have ever been a pet owner, you know how attached your pets can be to you. If you are anything like me you have no issue with giving your pet all the attention that they need. There are times, however, that you have to leave them alone while you run out to do an errand. Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you are gone though? Of course, you have! Well, one woman decided to find out and she was not disappointed with the footage she caught.

Because of movies that have come out over the years, it is not hard to imagine your pet throwing a party with a bunch of different animals while you are gone. But the dogs in this story proved that the exact opposite is often true. Whether the woman snuck back into the house or left the camera with a friend, we may never know but the reactions from the dogs when their mom went out that afternoon were absolutely adorable.

The dogs started out by howling their disapproval of the current situation. When one dog finished howling the other would pick up where they left off. Moments later, they made their way to the door, sure that their mom had heard their howls. They expected her to come running back, even though she had only been gone a few minutes. After a few moments, they decided to wait by the door for however long it took for their mom to come back home. I guess pets value our time more than we thought! Watch the video below to see how your pet, probably, acts when you aren't home.

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