Patrick Was Beaten With A Cleaver And Left For Dead. His Surgery Took Five Hours, But Now He’s A Beloved Family Member

November 06, 2017

Patrick is a gorgeous mutt who lives with his adoring family where they spoil him rotten. He spends his free time going on long walks, playing with his human brother, and posing for adorable photographs. Patrick is living every canine’s dream, but his life started like something out of an absolute nightmare.

While Patrick may live in the United States now, he was born in Indonesia and spent his life there in the capital city of Jakarta. Patrick’s former owner took care of him for years, but when they grew tired of caring for this amazingly loyal dog, they decided to get rid of him. They drove into a Jakarta neighborhood and abandoned him there, not caring what his future held next.

Neighborhood residents told rescuers that when Patrick first arrived, he was fat and healthy, and clearly was someone’s cared-for pet before being abandoned. The neighborhood people didn’t mind having Patrick around, as his sweet, good-natured attitude made it hard not to love him. Everyone loved the gentle pup, except for one horrible man.

One cruel man despised Patrick for being a stray. When Patrick was first abandoned, he would follow the man, his son, and their dog on the walks. The men didn’t like Patrick’s presence and would beat him with whatever they found - large sticks, heavy pipes, anything large enough to do serious damage to the friendly dog. Patrick soon learned to avoid them, and the residents hoped it would be the end of things. Sadly, the true horror of what Patrick would endure was still yet to come.

The cruel man and his son continued to try and attack Patrick, leaving him no option but to bite one day, hoping to save his own life. The man was enraged and quickly gathered a mob to hunt down and kill Patrick. They cornered him, beating him and hacking at his face with a cleaver. When they finished attacking him, they left him lying on the side of the street in severe pain, to die a slow and horrifying death.

Neighborhood residents who had to come to love Patrick, rushed him to the hospital in the middle of the night, hoping to save his life. Although the vets were able to save his life, he still needed to undergo multiple surgeries to repair his nose. In September of 2015, Patrick was flown to the United States where he got the surgery he so desperately needed. The surgery was expected to last a mere two hours, but it actually took five hours.

Even after healing from his injuries, Patrick still was waiting for someone to save him. Luckily for him, he was quickly adopted by his adoring family. Now, he spends his days curled up on the couch with his family, enjoying the feeling of safety and love. He also loves to go on long hikes, soaking in the sunshine. Even though Patrick suffered unspeakable horrors in his young life, he hasn’t let it turn him against people, in the least.

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