Kirby Was Extremely Sick And Abandoned On The Side Of The Road. Thanks To The Love Of His New Family, He’s Overcome It All

November 03, 2017

Kirby is a gorgeous Yellow Lab who lives with a doting family where he is spoiled rotten. He goes with his family to the beach and rivers a lot, taking advantage of the chance to swim and even try his paw at fishing! He loves to kick back on the floats, lounging in the water on warmer days.

Kirby is living the good life with his adoring family, but it wasn’t always so for this playful pup. Kirby’s family found him on the side of the road and knew from the first moment they saw him that they were meant to be together. In fact, on their drive to the vet immediately after finding him, they’d already decided on his new name.

Kirby was a stray who had been abandoned by his previous family when they no longer wanted to care for him. They left him on the side of the road, tired of caring for this amazing dog. Kirby had been suffering from hot spots, which are difficult to treat because of the multitude of causes. Consequently, it can be very expensive to find the treatment that works.

By the time he was found by his new family, Kirby was emaciated from his time running wild. He’d been scrounging for scraps and trash but hadn’t had much luck. He was covered in fleas, mites, and scabs, only making this wonderful dog weaker. His toenails had grown extremely long after being unchecked; they were at least an inch long by that point.

When his new momma spotted him, she quickly picked him up. She then went home to grab her husband, and off they went to the veterinarian! Kirby had no microchip which could have been used to track down his previous owners. The vet informed them that, even though Kirby hobbled around like an elderly dog, he was only three years old! After Kirby received his shots and a bath, they clipped his nails and treated him for fleas and mites. Only then was be able to begin his long road to recovery.

Kirby and his family were made for each other. When Kirby was first introduced to the family’s two senior dogs, the three of them became fast friends. Kirby has found his forever home, and he never again will have to worry about his next meal, or being abandoned to die.

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