Luna Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized. Two Hours Before Her Death, She Was Saved By Her Loving Forever Mom

November 03, 2017

Luna is a gorgeous liver-and-white-colored Pit Bull/Australian Kelpie mix who lives with her adoring owner in Texas. She loves to go on camping trips and long walks. Her favorite thing of all is to play with her best canine pal, Melbourne or Mr. Mel. They all love to go camping together, and Mr. Mel and Luna are absolutely best friends.

Luna may be living the good life now, but it hasn’t always been that way for her. Luna was surrendered to an animal shelter by owners who no longer cared for her. A lot about the start of Luna’s life is unknown, but what they do know is enough to break our hearts.

Luna was a beloved pet until her owners decided to re-home her since they were moving, and many landlords have rules against Pit Bulls. Her owners had decided not to spay her in order to help her bones grow correctly, and they did the best they could for her while they had her. When she was turned over to the rescue, things did not look good for her in the least.

At the shelter, Luna was lost in the sea of faces, and no one was coming to adopt her. This once-beloved family pet was eventually placed on the euthanasia list. At 3:00 pm on the day she was scheduled to die, the shelter posted a plea on their Facebook page, begging for someone to come and adopt this gentle and loving dog.

It’s lucky for Luna that her future momma noticed she was up for adoption and knew that they were meant for each other. She quickly raced to the shelter and saved Luna in her eleventh hour. The two of them hit it off from the very start, and they’ve been with each other ever since, taking care of one another.

The saddest part of Luna’s tale is how she went from being a well-cared-for family pet to a homeless dog at risk for euthanasia, through no fault of her own. She had no behavior problems and was extremely sweet and friendly, but she still ended up on the euthanasia list because of overcrowding. Luna and her mom are inseparable and the best of friends. It’s safe to say that, even though Luna hit a rough patch in her life, the future is looking up for her.

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