Pit Bull Found Shot In The Face. Her Miraculous Recovery And Beautiful New Life Will Melt Your Heart!

October 13, 2017

I'm a huge fan of happy endings so hang in there because even though the beginning of this story is tragic, it will leave you pleasantly surprised. In spite of tears of sadness at the beginning, the story makes an astonishing turn for the better with all sorts of warm-fuzzies that will then lead you to a joyously happy ending.

When the police receive the horrific call that a dog has been screaming in a yard for at least a day, they instantly call for dog rescuers, who immediately jump into action to help with the situation at hand. As the police and rescuers arrive at the scene, they cut the rope connected to the gate which then leads them to a hurt Pit Bull who is lying down in a yard full of overgrown grass and weeds. As they begin to examine the dog, they notice she's been shot in the face and that her overall health is far worse than they had anticipated. They comfort the powerless canine and swiftly transport her to a nearby veterinary clinic. Knowing this defenseless dog has been shot in the face, they waste no time and begin taking x-rays which soon reveal the bullet has landed in her spine. To survive, she will need to go through extensive surgery, one that is risky and could be possibly life-threatening. Being the tough cookie that she is, she thankfully pulls through!

After surgery, she begins her second chance in life with her new forever mom. At first, it’s very hard for this sweet pup, who struggles with a horrible case of separation anxiety and who cries anytime she is left alone. In time she begins to realize that her forever mom always returns and that her new family truly loves her with all their heart. Now, this fun-loving Pit is in hog heaven, and life is full of amazing adventures. She's happy, healthy, and completely loved! It's a beautiful story that leaves you excited for her new chance to live life to the fullest!

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