Pit Bull Rescued From "Backyard Breeder" And Given A Beautiful New Life

October 17, 2017

Holiday, a stunning Blue Nose Pit Bull, had one purpose in life and that was for breeding. Litter after litter her neglectful owner would require her to produce puppies. It was a very difficult and unfortunate way to spend her life. Thankfully, things take a positive turn in her world, and miraculously she's rescued from the "backyard breeder."

Rescuers jump on a plane and transport her from Carolina to the big city of New York. Even though life is definitely on track to getting better, she still has a long road ahead of her. Due to the unhealthy state that Holiday is in, she must undergo several surgeries to hopefully give this cunning canine a better quality of life.

Throughout the recovery process, they almost lose her, but she proves to them all that she's not ready to give up just yet. Her willingness to fight, a loving foster home, and the comfort of another rescue dog all combine to help her pull through and become even stronger than before.

Even though Holiday is in a new loving environment, she becomes stressed living in the big city of New York. With only her best interest at heart, the foster parents think of a way for their beloved canine to thrive. They start by putting pajamas on Holiday, in the hopes of comforting her at night, and even during her daily activities. Little by little, they're able to to see a difference in her overall demeanor.

Now it's time to get this sweet fur baby adopted! They hire a professional photographer to capture her fun-loving personality - they even put a sunflower crown on her head! Truth be told, it worked! A lady comes across the photo and immediately falls in love with Holiday's precious face. She is determined to make this darling doggie her own.

Very soon after, they bring Holiday to meet her new forever family and it’s love at first sight. Holiday falls head-over-heels in love and instantly knows she is home for good. Holiday, now renamed Luna, is happy-as-a-clam, confident, and really enjoying her new blissful second chance, where life is now marvelous!

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