Pit Bull Rescued From Dog-Fighting Saves The Lives Of Many "Un-adoptable" Canines - And The Heart Of One Man

October 17, 2017

Jon was living in Los Angeles, California all by his lonesome when, one day, he decided he was tired of living alone and that it was time to get a dog. It was very shortly thereafter, that he received a text from a friend with a sweet picture of a Pit Bull named Russell. Right when he saw the photo, Jon knew this charming canine was going to be his next dog.

Russell was not only a Pit Bull, but he had also been rescued from the horrible illegal sport of dog-fighting. From an outsider looking in, some would say that this canine had a few things going against him -  such as his breed and his past - but that didn't stop John from adopting him. He found out very quickly that this Pit was marvelous in every way.

Russell was kind and fun-loving, and the most loyal companion. Russell surprised many by being very well-behaved and charming in every situation that he was in. Jon would even bring him around children where the kids would read to him; he truly was a beautiful example of a breed ambassador.

Sadly, Russell became ill and passed away, leaving John heartbroken. This loving canine had impacted John's life in every way, shape, and form. Not necessarily ready to adopt another dog right away, John still had a deep love for Pit Bulls, and it saddened him very much knowing that many were inside cages with no forever home to call their own.

Then one day Jon decided he was going to venture out to a few nearby dog shelters, just to see what he could find. As he walked in he discovered quite a few animals that were in desperate need of tender loving care, so he decided to foster as many Pits as he possibly could. Truth be told, they needed him and vice-versa. Now, Jon’s mission in life is to take the Pit Bull that someone says is "un-adoptable," and prove them wrong, by finding it a loving, forever-home.

But this beautiful story doesn't end here. One fine day a special Pit Bull named Smokey wins Jon’s heart. They become two peas in a pod and enjoy the many adventures of life by each other's side. They form a special bond that is truly incredible to watch. Enjoy!

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