Rescuers Break Into A Fraudulent Animal Rescue, Saving Over 100 Canines. The Before And After Pictures Are Astonishing

October 16, 2017

The original people running this facility claimed it to be a caring animal rescue but, unfortunately, those individuals were frauds. What the new rescuers are about to discover is the complete opposite of how a loving animal sanctuary operates.

As the rescuers approach the run-down home, they can hear the distant sounds of barking coming from inside. With no easy way to enter the building, the rescuers immediately begin breaking down doors and crawling through windows.

As they tear through the deteriorating structure, the real truth begins unraveling right before their eyes. Among the approximately 100 dogs living on the property, the rescuers find canines who are suffering from starvation, malnourishment, and dehydration. The devastation doesn't stop there though.

The inside state of the building is disgusting and a complete pig-sty. Kennels are covered with trash bags, newspaper, urine, and feces. As one rescuer walks through the ruins, he reports the overall scene as, "definitely the worst I've seen."

As the people approach the animals, the dogs begin wagging their tails, and their overall demeanor changes to elation and joy. They are excited to experience human interaction and tender-loving-care from everyone who is there to save them. The animals are hopeful and thankful for their new found friends. Today is a good day for these suffering canines.

They start to administer fluids to the animals, who are in dire need of hydration. Aware that these fur babies need immediate removal from this horrible environment, they quickly spring into action by plucking every pup from the building.

They transport the dogs, one-by-one, to a new, loving shelter where these animals encounter the warm embrace of their new foster parents. These captivating canines are ecstatic to be given a second chance in life, one that is full of abundant love. It's a beautiful ending for these sweet puppies, and the before-and-after pictures are astonishing!

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