Rexie May Have Only Two Working Feet, But That Doesn’t Stop Him From Being The ‘Purr-fect Meow-del’

November 01, 2017

When you have “MEOW-tastic” animals in your life, it is always fun to take pictures of them. Some felines seem to be more photogenic than others, though. My cats are not inclined to pose for the camera or even look at it half the time. The cat I'm going to introduce you to today is not this way.

Meet Rexie! Not only does he look at the camera, but he also poses quite beautifully! Gorgeous Rexie has a handicap, but it does not hold him back from enjoying his life to the fullest. He’s determined to live as normal a life as any cat can. Only his two front feet work, but he is still able to be quite mobile.

Rexie has a signature move that he often performs when having his photo taken - which is quite often, considering he is a “purr-fessional meow-del.” Rexie likes to stick out his tongue!

Unique cats like Rexie help us remember that all animals have something to offer this world. Whether it be their charm, playfulness, calming presence, or a silly facial expressions - every cat can make someone, somewhere smile! I am so thankful that, through the internet, cats like Rexie can bring us joy!

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