Navy Discovers Unusual Activity - What They Found Will Shock You!

July 27, 2017

The Ocean is a mystical place, full of the unknown. No one really knows what is in the vast depths of the ocean, and it seems every week there is a new discovery! The Sri Lankan Navy was out on patrol watching for any illegal activities when they came across an Ocean Mystery, ten miles from shore.


What they discovered, was an elephant. The elephant appeared to have been swept out to sea as it attempted to cross a lagoon in a neighboring nature reserve. The elephant was lucky that the Navy came across it, as it was tiring and beginning to fight to stay afloat as the waves continued to sweep it out to sea. The struggling elephant was using its trunk as a snorkel to help it breathe as it fought.

The Navy leapt into action, and dove into the water to tie ropes around the Elephant. They managed to tow it back to shore, where wildlife officials awaited their return. The Elephant was checked over to make sure it hadn’t suffered any lasting effects, and they were able to release it back into the Nature Preserve.


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