Susie Was Set On Fire And Left For Dead As A Puppy, Now She Works Hard To Spread Awareness About Animal Abuse

August 10, 2017

Dogs are amazing and loyal animals who would go to the ends of the Earth for their people. Sadly, some people enjoy causing these amazing animals pain. As a young puppy, Susie licked the face of her owner’s newborn baby and was beaten and set on fire by her previous owner who then left her for dead as punishment.  The monster abandoned her in the park, where she wasn’t found until 10 days after the attack. She had severe second and third degree burns on 60% of her body. Susie would grow to overcome her horrific abuse, and would be adopted by a woman named Donna. Susie and Donna would grow to heal each other.

Ten months before Donna would meet and later adopt Susie, she suffered a horrible attack. A neighbor’s dog mauled her, causing her to miscarry and requiring 50 stitches. She was left with scars, and she will never be able to carry a child again. There weren’t just physical results of the attack however, as Donna suffered horrific nightmares and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following the attack. When Donna met Susie, she saw a dog who had to learn to trust humans again - just as she had to learn to trust dogs again. It was a match made in heaven.

Since then, they’ve gone on to become ambassadors for dogs all over! The man who had horribly abused Susie was caught, but because of the law structure in North Carolina, there was no jail time for first time offenders. Donna refused to let that problem remain, and they worked hard to get Susie’s Law passed. Susie was even lucky enough to get to put her paw print on the bill! Susie’s law gives Judges the right to assign more severe punishments to convicted animal abusers - even jail time for first time offenders.

Donna started a non-profit called Susie’s Hope. Susie’s Hope helps adopt and foster unwanted and abused dogs to save them from abuse. They also visit schools, hospitals and other places to help raise awareness about the epidemic of animal abuse in the world. Susie was awarded the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Of The Year 2014 for all of their dedication to stopping animal abuse.

When Bark & Co. heard the story of Susie and Donna, they decided to reward them with Dog’s Best Day! They were flown to New York City, and they got to stay in a luxury suite at Kimpton. When they arrived, they found a room full of dog treats and toys - even a bathtub full of balloons! After the fancy suite, Donna was treated to a day of luxury at Bliss Spa while Susie got to go sight-seeing! 

Then, Bark & Co. awarded Susie’s Hope $1,000 to help them continue their amazing work. Donna couldn’t hold back the tears as she thanked them for the amazing donation! 

Susie and Donna have both suffered greatly in their lives, but they never let it turn them into bitter people who would be angry at the world. Instead, the two helped each other heal and overcome their problems and now they’re doing their best to save others too. Hopefully the two have an amazing life together!

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