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This Adorable Pup Has Been Forced To Overcome Severe Disabilities, Now She’s Changing The World For The Better

October 03, 2017

Dog coat colors are truly intriguing things because some of the most beautiful ones can be associated with some horrifying disabilities. The Merle gene can often cause a dog to be born deaf or blind! It’s a sad fact that many unscrupulous breeders don’t care about the side effects that a dog can suffer, and will breed for the color because so many people love them.


BB is a beautiful Merle Border Collie whose breeder only bred for Merle-colored dogs, not caring about whether or not they’d be healthy. As is often the case with this type of breeder situations, BB was born with a severe defect; she was completely deaf. As a young puppy, her breeders abandoned her at a Dog Rescue, showing how little they cared for this brave girl. Lucky for BB, one woman was there to help and decided to foster the rambunctious pup until BB could find her forever home.


What they didn’t know then was that BB had already found her forever home; she would become a foster fail. BB’s loving owner started letting her star on her Instagram account and, ever since, BB has been helping raise awareness about Merle dogs. By demonstrating what a well-trained pup BB is, the two have managed to show countless people that deaf dogs can be great companions, too.


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