This Dog Was Born With Several Deformities. Now He’s An Internet Star. When You See His Smile, Your Heart Will Melt

September 28, 2017

One thing that can always win people over is an animal smiling! Tuna is a Chiweenie that suffers from an extreme overbite, recessed jawline, and a wrinkly neck, all features that contribute to this pup’s rather unusual looks. Thanks to his physical differences, though, he’s become an internet star, and many of his followers think he looks quite dashing!

Tuna was rescued in December of 2010, at fourth months old. A year later his owner, Courtney Dasher, started him his very own Instagram account and, ever since, the general population has become enraptured by his unique appearance! Tuna has over 1.9 million followers who tune in to see the gorgeous photos of this boy!

Tuna doesn’t let his fame go to his head, and he uses his popularity to help spread the word about the importance of pet adoption. Tuna is considered to be the ambassador for underdogs all over, and his fans are fiercely loyal to this magnificent dog. Ever since Tuna’s rise to fame, he’s received tons of letters from fans telling Courtney how much of an impact Tuna has had on their lives.

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