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This Dog Was Terrified Of Human Touch, But With The Gentle Care Of Two Dedicated Rescuers, She Is Learning To Love Again

October 02, 2017

It’s a sad fact that dogs often end up on the streets by themselves, usually through no fault of their own. These loyal companions are often left behind by uncaring owners during a move, or just abandoned on the streets when they tire of their pets.

Bellanca is a gorgeous Lhasa Apso/Maltese mix who was found living on her own near the Los Angeles International Airport. She was so terrified of people that it was extremely difficult to catch her, and it wasn’t looking good for this amazing dog until Hope For Paws stepped in to save her.


Hope For Paws had their work cut out for them as they worked to rescue Bellanca, and she wasn’t going to make it easy on them. During their initial attempts, they used every ploy they could think of. They tried slowly approaching her with food, bringing in another rescue dog to see if she would go to it, and even setting a humane trap loaded with food. She was terrified enough that she ran from all of those efforts.

As they prepared for their seventh attempt to rescue Bellanca, a local resident told them where the pup slept at night. The rescuers quickly set off to capture the dog, hoping to save her before she wandered into either the street or the clutches of an animal abuser. They found her in the fenced in area where she slept and quickly located the hole in the barrier she’d been sneaking through.


Working quickly, the rescuers closed off all the gaps in the fence, trapping Bellanca. They ventured into the spider-infested brush where the terrified dog crouched and shied away from their touch. Slowly, they reached out with the catch pole, lowered the loop around her neck and ensnared her, ensuring she would not spend another night loose on the streets.

Once she was safely in the rescuers’ care, she slowly began to warm up to them. By the time they got her loaded up in the car and offered her water, she was an entirely different dog than the one they had met in the brush. Her tail was wagging, and she was actively seeking human touch!

Bellanca is staying with the Forgotten Dog Foundation while she looks for her forever home, and she’s since been renamed, Bonnie. They’re happy to report that this girl is a total sweetheart who loves nothing more than giving kisses and running around being goofy.

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