Totally Blind And Abandoned Senior Dog Living Under Piles Of Trash. When One Woman Learned Of This Dog’s Hell, She Stopped At Nothing To Save Her

February 08, 2018

Sometimes, we come across stories that truly touch our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. This story did exactly that. For me, seeing mistreated and neglected animals is something that never gets common. However, discovering stories in which true redemption happens gives me hope. Check it out, below!

One day, a woman was out walking in town when she came upon an abandoned property. Casually peering through the fence, she thought she noticed some movement in the corner of her eye. She stopped and peered through the fence with more intention. Sure enough, she saw the movement again.

The woman couldn’t believe her eyes. She was seeing something move in the corner of the property!

She knew immediately she was seeing a small dog.

After hooking up with a friend who was an experienced animal rescuer, the two women headed toward the orphaned pup with food, water, and a blanket. When they got closer to the dog, they were heartbroken to see that not only was this girl neglected, but she was also blind in both eyes.

The poor dog was so old that she peed and sat in it; she was frozen in fear. Because she couldn’t see, she wasn’t realizing that the two women were trying to help her. Terrified, she scooted back further into the pile of trash to protect herself.

Finally, the women were able to get to her. They wrapped her in a blanket and drove her home where she would be bathed, groomed, and fed. They named her Fiona. When they got her home, they discovered that she was covered in fleas. In fact, she had the worst case of fleas they had ever seen...

Next, they took her to the doctor. The doctor confirmed that she was blind in both eyes, but that he might be able to operate on one eye that would allow her some vision. After the doctor operated, Fiona was able to see.

Fiona was treated with very tender care over the next few days. After receiving so much love, it didn’t take long for her to warm up to her rescuers! Watch the full story, below!

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