When This Street Musician Begins to Pack Up, He Realizes He Has Four Adorable Fans

July 28, 2017

Cats are music lovers, whether they be playing or singing along or even just watching. A street musician in Pangkor, Malaysia found this out for himself one evening. No one had been watching his show or even seeming to enjoy his music so he began to call it quits for the night.



When he looked down, he noticed he did in fact have an audience of his very own. What he didn’t expect however was his audience to be made up of four enraptured kittens. The four kittens had appeared at some point during his show and the musician hadn’t even noticed the four tiny fans watching him.

The four kittens are bobbing their head to the music and not taking their eyes off who is sure to be their new favorite musician. Although this man had been dejected and ready to quit for the day, the sight of these kittens loving his music so much encouraged him to continue playing for them. The four kittens surely turned around what would have been a sad ending to this man’s day.


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