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Dog Owner Uses Utility Brush On Puppy. When The English Bulldog Reacts You Will Be In Stitches!

October 02, 2017

I'm sure we can all agree that puppies are the cutest little creatures to walk the face of this planet. They are so playful and would love to have your undivided attention, 24/7. In this video, you will get to witness the charm of an English Bulldog puppy, Agnes. This darling doggie has the cutest little round body and the sweetest face. To top it all off she has short, squatty little legs that bring “adorable” to a whole new level. This pup is a pure bundle of joy, and when she reacts to the scrubbing of the soft utility brush, you will not be able to hold back your laughter. I know I couldn't.

Sitting there, lounging on the ground, the owner is enjoying a nice afternoon break with Agnes. Grabbing a nearby utility brush, the owner playfully begins to rub the puppy's back and chest. Agnes is loving the one-on-one attention and, rolling onto her back, indicates that it’s time for a tummy rub. Anyone who watches the video can tell this canine is in “hog heaven.”

Agnes has found her favorite thing to do; any time the owner removes the brush from her cute little belly, she immediately pounces toward it as if to say, "Please don't stop." It's a short video that is full of so much cuteness and joy; just watching the pup's reaction is bound to make you smile! Enjoy!

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