This Majestic Lion Wasn't Always Living A Life Of Luxury. You'll Be Left In Tears When You Hear His Awful Backstory

August 28, 2017

Lion and tiger cubs bred in captivity do not have the best odds of a great life. Sadly, many will be kept as pets by people who don’t understand what they’re getting into. Others will suffer the fate of being used in petting zoos. These roadside exhibits are poorly run, and the cubs are forced into situations they do not like until they are too old. When they grow up they are killed, sold to circuses or backyard breeders, and replaced by new young cubs.

Odin is a regal lion living at International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, but he wasn’t born there. Odin lived at a roadside petting zoo for the first few months of his life, where he was kept in a small cage and fed an unbalanced diet. Thankfully, Odin was sent to the sanctuary when he was too old to be safely used in the petting zoo.

Odin is a much loved member of the sanctuary, and is a favorite of many of the staff and volunteers. Odin loves to spend his time playing with toys and hanging out with his caregivers. One of his favorite things to do is pounce on his rope ball and roll around with it. Thanks to one amazing sanctuary, Odin was spared the fate that many roadside petting zoo cubs face, and he now gets to live the best life possible for a captive lion.

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