Malnourished Cow Is Rescued. With A Little Love, Watch How This Cow Transforms Into Man’s Best Friend!

August 28, 2017


Whenever we hear the words “man’s best friend,” we automatically think of our beloved furry friends, also known as dogs.  In this story you will discover that this man’s best friend is not your typical puppy, in fact, he’s no puppy at all.  Typically weighing around a ton more than your typical dog and with hooves; Salvador (a dairy cow) had a very unfortunate start to his life. 


The beginning stages were sorrowful and heartbreaking, which all began when he was taken from his mother at a very young age and sent to a dairy farm where starvation and malnutrition were an unfortunate daily occurrence.  Skinny, starving and in poor shape; Salvador needed a miracle.  Fortunately, a miracle arrived, he was rescued and, eventually, adopted.


With bottle feeding, affection and love; Salvador is improving by leaps and bounds. Six months later, Salvador embraces the love and affection that he experiences on a daily bases.  He welcomes long hugs, kisses, and snuggling on the grass.  His life has been turned upside down for the better and he’s now growing immensely, gaining weight, and truly enjoying his second chance in life as a loyal companion. Enjoy this video where you can see Salvador embracing his new life with open arms!


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