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4 Years Ago, They Released 2 Hand-Raised Gorillas Into The Wild. Now, It’s time To Meet Their New Mom

January 18, 2018

Damian Aspinall is not just your average multi-millionaire, he is also an animal conservationist. His specialty and his truest love is the gorilla. His favorite species is the Western Lowland Gorilla, and with the help of his charity, the Aspinall Foundation, they’ve bred and re-introduced over 60 gorillas into the wild!

When Damian began to reminisce about Djalta and Ima, two male lowland gorillas, he began to wonder when he’d see them again. In the four years since he’d last seen his beloved gorillas, he had married his new and beloved wife, Victoria. It was time to revisit his old friends and introduce them to Victoria.

They arrived at the jungle and began the search for the Gorillas. After searching unsuccessfully for the two gorillas, they decided to bring out the drones. They were quickly able to locate them along the shores of the river and were able to make the first contact. When the gorillas got to really meet and become friends with Victoria, Damian began to worry they would steal her away!

Ima and Victoria were quick friends, with Ima stealing Victoria’s hat and trying to put it on himself. Ima even invited Victoria to lay her head in his lap while he played with her hair. This is truly one of the most touching introductions we’ve seen, and it’s safe to say that Ima and Djalta really did approve of Victoria!