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Artist Builds Entire Village From Nothing More Than Simple Matches Then Destroys It All In One Little Move

January 19, 2018

There are no limits on human ingenuity, and it is always astounding to realize just how creative people can be! With the right motivation or even just a bit of boredom, people can come up with some of the most amazing and mesmerizing things. EverXFun from YouTube loves to create truly astounding things and share them with everyone to see.

One of his more recent videos featured him using thousands of matches to create something that can only be described as wondrous. He built an entire little city of ten houses and even a clock tower! It required thousands of matches to create the lovely little places. It also took quite a bit of time to create the works of art.

Like all art, it’s not meant to last. Once he pans over the lovely village, it’s time to destroy it in the most fitting way possible. Striking one match, he lights the fuse on the village and the houses begin to go up in flames. When the fire fails to spread, he uses more fuse to single out the houses that refused to burn. When all of the houses have burned down, there is nothing left but ashes and the remnants of what used to be.