When Rescue Dog Chloe Raced Towards A Cheetah, They Braced For The Worst. No One Was Expecting It To End Like This

February 22, 2018

Chloe is an adorable little Jack Russell terrier who lives with her family at the Cheetah Experience big cat center in Bloemfontein, South Africa. From the first moment that her family brought her home from the rescue, they knew that Chloe was something special, but they didn’t realize just how special she was until she came face to face with Eden.

Eden is a 14-month-old Cheetah who calls the Cheetah Experience home. The cheetahs like Eden live apart from Chloe, but they are allowed into the main camp at times, and that is where their whole story begins. When Chloe approached Eden for the first time, the owners were concerned about how it would end. Would Chloe survive the meeting she had decided she had to have? Or would they lose their beloved dog?

Eden took to Chloe like a duck takes to water, and it’s clear now that these two were always meant to be the best of friends. Whenever they are allowed together (under the supervision of their owner of course), you can find them playing, or lounging around and nuzzling one another. They also quite enjoy licking one another, making sure that neither one of them gets too dirty. Their friendship was always meant to be.