Landis Spent 2 Years Crammed Into Tiny Cage For Something That Was Not His Fault. Could Anything Be Done To Repair This Pitiful Pup’s Crumpled Legs Or Aching Heart?

February 22, 2018

When Second Chance Rescue found Landis, they were shocked at what they saw and in utter disbelief at what he must have endured. The crate that had been his home for over two years had become nothing more than a torture device for this precious Pit Bull.

Way too small for him to even stand up all the way, the size of the crate had left Landis with no choice but to constantly slouch down to fit, resulting in his legs becoming horribly deformed.

When he finally got out of the cage, he could not stand up all the way, leaving him in a permanent crouching position.

Another thing rescuers discovered about Landis is that he had dwarfism, which may have been the reason he was relegated to such an undignified existence. Some selfish owners have no use for a purebred pup who is anything less than perfect, but if they had given him a chance they might have discovered that he was everything a dog owner could ever want...and more!

Full of love and ready to share it with everyone he meets, Landis just wants a chance to be a regular dog. He has amazed everyone at the shelter with his resilience and never-say-die spirit, qualities that are sure to take him far.

In spite of the mistreatment this sweet boy suffered in the past, his future is looking brighter by the day. Landis still has a lot of life in him and he is determined to make the most of the gift he has been given.

To keep tabs on this very special sweetie, you can follow his Facebook page, Project Landis, for updates on his recovery. And to see more about his amazing rescue and redemption, please enjoy the video, below.

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