From The First Moment That Rescuers Laid Their Eyes On Picasso, They Knew He Was Special. When They Found Out The Cause Of His Unusual Looks, They Were Stunned

February 22, 2018

When Luvable Dog Rescue decided that they could handle taking on another special needs pup, they decided to reach out to a small shelter in Porterville, California. When they called and asked if they had any, the staff told her that they had one dog, Jaws, who was in need of a little more help than their usual dogs. They immediately knew that they needed to help him from the first moment that they laid eyes on him, and took him home with their to their shelter in Eugene, Oregon.

Picasso immediately stole their hearts when they met him and took him to the veterinarian to see what they could do for this wonky-jawed pup. At the vet’s office, they found out that the only thing that could be done for him was to remove some of his teeth, and that he was destined to live like this forever. When they asked what could have possibly caused this damage, they learned that it wasn’t the result of a horrific accident like they had believed.

Picasso’s looks were the result of nothing more than horrific breeding practices. His parents belonged to a backyard breeder who only saw dollar signs, and not dogs. Luckily, he’s now a beloved part of the Luvable family. He’s even become their spokesdog, and is training to be a therapy dog, to help raise awareness about backyard breeders and the shelter he now considers home!