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Bagong’s Life Was Absolute Hell Until A Rescue Stepped In To Save Her. Now She’s Living The Good Life In A New Home

October 18, 2017

Dogs are magnificent creatures, full of love and trust. For most of us it’s impossible to imagine anyone abusing the sweet, loyal creatures, but sadly, it happens all too often. Bagong is a gorgeous six-year-old English Bulldog in Indonesia, who was forced to endure the horrific abuses of cruel people.

The first six years of Bagong’s life were spent in her own personal hell. Trapped in a small area, she was forced to bear litter after litter of puppies for a breeder who only cared about how much the pups sold for. As Bagong aged, she could no longer have puppies, and the breeder found her to be completely useless. He abandoned the lovely dog on the streets, not caring what happened to her next. 

Sadly, this is a common fate for breeding dogs of Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders. When the breeders only care about the money, the dogs suffer. From malnutrition, being kept in horrible conditions, and a wide range of disease - genetic and environmental - the outlook for a dog at one of those facilities is quite bleak. The best thing that could happen to those dogs is to be surrendered to a rescue.

Bagong’s life on the streets was just as tough as her life as a breeder. She had developed Hip Dysplasia, making it difficult to walk and be active. Her day-to-day life was extremely painful, and finding food was a battle itself. The search for food was dangerous, and she ended up in some horrible situations. She even had boiling water thrown on her by people who wanted her to leave.

Animals Hope Shelter found Bagong on the streets and knew she needed their help from the first moment they laid eyes on her. 80% of her face was scalded from the boiling water, and she required surgery for her Hip Dysplasia. With proper veterinary care and the love of the shelter volunteers, Bagong was able to overcome the horrible things she had suffered.

Bagong’s life was good in the shelter, but the best thing to ever happen to her was when she was adopted by her new loving parents. She joined their family, and became one of their fur-kids, gaining three Pug siblings in the process. While Bagong’s life may have had a very rough start, now she is living the good life. She is beloved by her family, and will never again have to fear where her next meal will come from. She loves to lounge around, sleeping all day and playing with her siblings when she wants to.

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