Coffee Cat Not Only Has An Awesome Name, He Also Has Over 1.5 Million Followers

October 11, 2017

Admittedly I am a cat lady! I have two fur-babies, and they are so much fun to be around and always entertain me. One of my other favorites in life starts with a "C" too, and that is coffee! When I saw this beautiful white cat, on Instagram, named Mr. White - but is called Coffee Cat - I knew I needed to share him with you!

Coffee Cat is a British Shorthair that has the most enchanting sea-blue eyes. He looks extremely soft and cuddly, too! This charmer is not just cute, though; he is also a survivor. Coffee is a two-year cancer survivor!

Coffee lives with his human mom and two fur-siblings Nala and Luna Rose. They are all quite the little internet stars. Not to mention, oh, so adorable!

If you find yourself a little smitten with Coffee Cat, don't worry. So are about 1.5 million other people! That is why you can purchase merchandise with his likeness. I think I'm going to be adding one of these delightful coffee mugs to my Christmas list! Do you think it comes with the cute kitty?

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