Couple Waiting To Adopt A Baby, When Dad Walks In With The Biggest Shock Of All

August 29, 2017

This Charlotte, North Carolina, couple desperately want to become parents, but they've had struggles to conceive. That’s when they turn to adoption. “I look forward to just laughter,” Matt says with anticipation of becoming a family. “Being busy, having a messy house…We are really looking forward to the whole experience,” Katie adds.

Their journey is all beautifully documented in a video by Genesis Media Solutions. In the video, you'll see Matt come to visit Katie at work with some incredible news for his wife. “She was born already,” he says while fighting back the tears. “What?! She was born already?!” Katie cries out.


“She’s seven pounds, nine ounces,” Matt tells her. He continues by explaining to his wife that the birth mother has already revoked her rights and the baby would be transported to Charlotte on Friday. All they have to do is pick up their daughter, whom they had named Natalie Gray, and bring her home.


My absolute favorite part of the video is when their baby girl is placed in their arms for the first time. Matt holds his daughter, looking at her in the eyes, and tells her, “Hey. I’m your dad.” What a beautiful moment to watch.

“In making this film with them we really discovered the true beauty of adoption,” Genesis Media said. “Thanks to them for letting us come alongside them through their journey.”

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