Dog Finds A Box Of Abandoned Kittens While Out On A Walk. Immediately Becomes The Best Foster Dad Ever.


Aragon was an adorable family dog who loved everyone he met. He enjoyed going on walks and playing with his family. Aragon was also an adopted rescue dog, so he had a lot of love and gratitude to shower his family with.

Aragon also had a brother dog that he loved to hang out with, but he did not have any younger siblings to play with. Little did he know that was about to change.


I used to think that dogs and cats could never be friends. All the movies I watched as a kid made it seem like they were mortal enemies, but Aragon seems to go against all those stereotypes. Luckily, Aragon is not the only one that has a soft spot for the little feline critters. I saw the same love pour out of my own puppy named Zeus, who like all dogs loved to play outside.

The only problem was my neighbors owned a cat that also liked being outside. I thought Zeus would hate the cat on principal but when I came outside to get him one afternoon, he was licking the neighbors cat and snuggling with it. Aragon seems to like cats just as much as my puppy Zeus.


When Aragon's human companion took him out for a walk one afternoon, it seemed like just another ordinary day. The walk was going great, but Aragon noticed something on the side of the road that made him stop. A small box caught his eye and he approached it cautiously, sniffing the ground around it. It was an old bicycle helmet box, but what Aragon found inside was not a helmet at all. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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