Frannie Was Sentenced To Death Until A Rescue Stepped In. It Wasn’t Until She Was Adopted, Though, That She Was Truly Saved

November 01, 2017

Frannie is a beautiful little Chihuahua mix who lives with her doting owner in Los Angeles where she is a beloved companion. She spends her free days going on long walks and hikes around the major parks in Los Angeles - like Griffith Observatory or Runyon Canyon. She also enjoys going to the beach whenever she gets the chance!

Frannie was abandoned at a South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, where she waited for five months for someone to save her. She was lost in the sea of faces awaiting homes, and she began to grow fearful. As time passed, she drew further into herself, becoming aggressive, suspicious, and traumatized by the chaos in the shelter. She was put on the list to be euthanized because her behavior was making her unadoptable.

With just hours left until she was to be euthanized, Downtown Dog Rescue recognized the amazing dog within her and pulled her from the shelter, saving her life. Even though her life had been spared, Frannie’s heart was still broken as she waited for the forever family who would help her relearn how to be a dog. Lucky for her, it wouldn’t take much longer.

When Frannie’s soon-to-be parents saw her listed on the site, they immediately put in an application, fearing she’d be snapped up instantly! They had no idea that she had waited five long months in a shelter, hoping for her forever home. Frannie was the only dog they applied for because they knew she was the perfect pet for them.

Frannie went from being mere hours from death to being a cherished family member. Her family can’t imagine life without Frannie, and it’s safe to say they all needed each other. Now, Frannie is free to be a dog all the time, playing on the shore, watching the postman go by, and going on walks in amazing places where she gets to smell all sorts of new scents!

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