Service Dog Risks Life To Save Blind Woman From Certain Death. Months Later They Are Finally Reunited With Tears And Kisses

November 02, 2017

It is safe to say that best friends make life a whole lot better. Everyone needs and deserves a best friend that sticks by them through thick and thin - and best friends come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and species. For Audrey Stone, her best friend is service dog Figo. Because Audrey is legally blind, she needs Figo in order to get from place to place. One day, however, Figo goes above and beyond the call of duty, proving just how loyal a friend he is to Audrey.

On this particular day, Audrey decides to go out for a walk. She calls Figo to her and, once they have their walking attire on, the duo makes their way out the door and down the street. Audrey and Figo take this path on a regular basis, so they are both at ease as they approach their first road crossing. Audrey gives the command for Figo to cross but, once they are in the middle of the crosswalk, things take a nasty turn.

Figo looks and sees a large bus coming straight for Audrey and himself. The bus shows no signs of slowing down, so Figo has only seconds to make a decision on what to do. The dog attempts to push Audrey out of the way of the bus and is hit full-on by the vehicle. Audrey is struck as well but, because of Figo's quick action, her injuries are minor. People around Audrey tell her that Figo saved her life, but the dog is still in the middle of the road, not moving.

The medics arrive and rush Figo off to the veterinary clinic. Audrey is shaken by the event and devastated that her best friend is in peril. The medics take Audrey to the hospital, where they treat her minor injuries and make sure that shock has worn off. Once she is stable, Audrey goes to the veterinary clinic, where she waits to hear the fate of Figo.

The vets inform Audrey that Figo is stable and alert. The dog has sustained a broken leg and some internal injuries that will take time to heal. Audrey is just happy that her furry bestie will survive. The dog starts his long journey to recovery with a smile on his face because he can see his best friend is safe; he has done his duty. Everyone who meets Figo while in physical therapy falls in love with him, but Audrey is anxious to have Figo back at home where he belongs.

Soon enough, Figo and Audrey reunite with big hugs, and many tears and laughs. To make the day even more joyous, the ASPCA reward Figo's bravery with the "Dog of the Year" award. Audrey brims with pride as she kisses Figo's head and Figo kisses Audrey back, basking in the love that is shown to him. Audrey and Figo's bond is one-of-a-kind and goes to show us all how sweet and special it is to have a best friend in your life.

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