Neglected Pony Found Lying Down, Covered In Maggots. Discover How One Lady Changes His Life Forever!

September 28, 2017

One early morning, Chloe is on her usual drive when she comes across three ponies; one of which is lying down in a field. Glancing closer she notices the pony's back is skinless and covered with oozing sores. Realizing that these horses need immediate help, she calls World Horse Welfare and, within an hour, their Field Officer Sarah arrives at the scene.

As Sarah approaches the foal, she detects a horrible stench, one that reeks of infection. Once the rescuers arrive they begin to examine “Buggy” and are horrified by his condition. Not only is he emaciated and covered in sores, there are also maggots underneath his coat and on the sores. Due to the animal’s weakened state, rescuers are able to catch him quite easily. Buggy and two of his companions are then transported to the rescue facility. There, vets inform Chloe that Buggy would not have survived more than a few more days in the field. It’s clear that Chloe’s call to World Horse Welfare has saved this horse’s life!

After months of rehabilitation and tender loving care, the rescue invites Chloe to the facility so she can witness Buggy’s amazing transformation. As they lead him out of a horse stall, Chloe is mesmerized by the incredible improvement the foal has made. Thanks to this heroic lady, Buggy has been given a second chance at life. The sores are gone, he has more energy, and he's now on the path to a very happy, healthy life. Sarah, the Field Officer says it perfectly, "Buggy was an invisible horse until the day that Chloe found him and we were able to rescue him, and he is invisible no more." It's a beautiful story that everyone needs to experience!

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