Calf Is Orphaned After Mother Dies Giving Birth. Discover What Turns His Sad Frown Upside Down

September 19, 2017

Brody, a Black Angus steer, had a very unfortunate start to his life. His mother died while giving birth to this sweet calf, leaving him orphaned, broken-hearted, and all alone. Thank goodness for amazing rescues such as Hooves and Paws, and the volunteers who cared for little Brody by bottle-feeding and hand-raising him. In spite of the amount of loving care Brody received from the people at this facility, everyone knew that Brody needed a friend in order to truly thrive.

One fine day the caretakers decide it’s time to introduce someone special to Brody: a fun-loving goat. To everyone’s surprise, this odd pair develops a very special bosom-buddy friendship. These kindred spirits spend their days taking naps, going on walks, and truly just enjoying each other’s company. Through the development of this friendship, they also discover healing in their hearts and ultimate joy in their lives.

Brody’s life and heart are forever changed, thanks to the amazing bond that has grown with his special friend. Two years later, Brody is still growing strong. He now spends his days befriending other four-legged animals who are orphans, just like him. Through the power of his restored heart, he’s able to help them discover joy, trust, and a life that is full of tears of joy instead of tears or sorrow. It’s a beautiful story that you’ll want to see for yourself!

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