One Is A Dignified Sweetheart And The Other Is A Little Crazy, But These Fur-ever Friends Balance Each Other Out Perfectly

November 21, 2017

When Hannah Shaw, also known as the Kitten Lady, began fostering a funny little white kitten named The Fizz, she admittedly thought he was a bit, well weird for a cat. Everyone needs someone to balance them out though, and that is where Wednesday comes in!

When Hannah brought Wednesday home to foster, Fizz was twice as old as she was, but they were the same exact size. That may be because Fizz has a strange way of eating and Wednesday is on the plump side.

Sadly, Wednesday was an orphan, and her brother whom she had bonded with had passed away. Wednesday was in need of a friend and Fizz was in need of another cat to show him the ropes of being a feline!

It worked, and The Fizz and Wednesday became best buddies!
Wednesday is sweet, dignified and gentle which balances Fizz's need to live on the wild side of life! He brings the fun out of her, and she shows him how to be a respectable feline.

They have grown out of the need of being fostered, and when the time to accept adoption applications came, applicants would only be considered if taking the PAIR of them. I'm happy to say that The Fizz and Wednesday have gone to their new fur-ever home and are loving their new life!

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