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Sick Kitten Sriracha Finds Comfort In A Very Unlikely Friend. Your Heart Will Melt When You See The Love They Have For Each Other

August 29, 2017

Animals are such amazing creatures! We often hear about the all the wonderful ways they can help humans overcome anxiety and bring them comfort during medical episodes. Animals not only help humans, but they also can bring comfort to other animals.


Meet Sriracha. Sriracha is a special needs foster kitten who resides at Rancho Relaxo, an animal rescue in New Jersey. Sriracha has a neurological disorder called Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia or CH for short. In addition to the great deal of pain that CH brings, the disease causes Sriracha to have walking and balance problems. On top of this, the condition also causes her to have seizures, sometimes several episodes in a matter of days. Sriracha had no real comfort during her seizures until she met a piglet called Batman!

Batman was less than two weeks old when he was rescued and brought to Rancho Relaxo. The tiny piglet instantly became friends with Sriracha. He is more than just a friend, though, he is a true companion and her very own therapeutic pig. When Sriracha has a seizure, Batman is there to comfort her. Sriracha, though just a baby herself, mothers Batman and makes sure he gets a bath every day, given by her, of course. Watch the video, below, to see just how special this unlikely friendship is! 

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