Ducklings Are Trapped In A Swimming Pool With No Way Of Escape. As Mother Duck Anxiously Watches From The Edge, An Unlikely Hero Steps In And Saves The Day


There’s no greater force in the world than a mother’s love. She will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure her children are loved, nurtured, and safe. When danger lurks, she will do everything in her power to protect them. A mother duck is no different. She cares deeply for her young and does only what she sees as best for her ducklings.

On a rainy and gloomy day, a mother duck and her ducklings discover a heated pool in a neighborhood subdivision. They waddle over to the pool and jump in to enjoy the warm, calm water. After swimming around for quite some time, the mother duck decides it’s time to move along and jumps out of the water onto the side of the pool. She assumes her ducklings are following, so she continues to walk away from the pool.


In a matter of seconds, she starts to hear little quacks coming from behind her; she quickly turns around to assess the situation. To her great surprise, she sees her little babies trapped in the water with no way to escape. Though they try to copy their mother by jumping, they can’t seem to jump high enough to clear the edge of the pool. She frantically walks over, pacing back and forth as she tries to devise a solution.

Much to her great surprise, a man happens to be standing nearby, watching the scene play out. He knows he can’t stand by and watch the helpless family struggle to unite, once again, so he jumps into action. Seeing that there are no steps in the pool, he decides to place a lounge chair in the water. If the ducklings swim over, they can easily climb atop the chair and waddle safely to their mother.


The ducklings are hesitant to accept the invitation, though. Frightened by the presence of the human, they continue to panic as they swim closer to the edge where their mother stands. The mother duck sees the new opportunity for escape and races toward the chair. Her ducklings swim alongside the edge, following her lead.

In no time at all, the ducklings discover the chair and scurry out of the pool. Thanks to the help of the willing bystander, this duck family is reunited, once and for all! Check out the video below to watch the entire rescue.

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