Abandoned Dog Protects Her Puppies. Once Rescued, Watch Her Aggressiveness Fade And Trust Grow

October 16, 2017

When rescuers receive the call regarding an abandoned mother dog protecting her puppies, they immediately jump into action. Knowing the canine is guarding her pups, they prepare themselves for the encounter with an aggressive dog.

As they approach the abandoned backyard, the rescuers locate the mother. Right away they can tell she is very fearful of the strangers that have just entered into her territory.

Fully aware that winning the heart of this scared canine is going to take quite a bit of effort, one of the rescuers stays with her while the other heads off to find her puppies. When the rescuer finally discovers three healthy pups, she glances a few feet away and, to her surprise, finds one other defenseless baby stuck in a chain link fence. The poor pup is lodged and in dire need of help.

Slowly and carefully, the rescuer pulls the wire away from the puppy’s body; she is finally able to shimmy the pup out of harm's way and safely into her loving arms. Now, all four puppies are safe and sound; all that’s left to do is capture the mom through the use of a dog trap.

After a short while, the rescuers successfully catch the mother, and they transport the mom and her babies to a loving dog rescue. Realizing that it's going to take some time to win the love and trust of the mother, the rescuers do not give up. Immediately, they provide her with a warm bed and make sure her belly is full, all the while, speaking to her with gentleness and compassion.

All her needs are being taken care of and she is fully loved. Even in the short amount of you spend watching this momma in the video, you will notice her scared look dissipating, leaving a more relaxed doggie, content and at ease in her new environment. Thanks to the rescuers who were persistent in saving this mother and her babies, this canine family has been given an incredible second chance to live life to the fullest, instead of running around scared with no place to call home.

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