America’s Most Beloved Giraffe, April, Might Be Pregnant With Baby Number 5!

November 10, 2017

Remember April The Giraffe? The giraffe from the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York whose pregnancy became one of the most anticipated happenings just five months ago. When April gave birth to baby giraffe number 4, Tajiri,  on April 15, 2017, more than one million people watched. The birth of Tajiri has been labeled as one of the top moments of 2017.

April, a 15- year- old giraffe, kept the world waiting for 15 months as she developed her baby boy and now, she’s rumored to do it again. That’s right, America’s most beloved giraffe might be pregnant again!

Animal Adventure Park owner, Jordan Patch, had an interview with Good Morning America and while sharing some updates about the park, also fueled some speculation that the park’s ever- famous mama might be expecting another bundle of joy sometime in 2018. When asked what the park had in store for the next year, he responded with, “I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy. Are we ready for another giraffe cam, World? You tell me.”

Patch’s response sent America into a tailspin. If April is, in fact, pregnant again, this will be her fifth baby! Typically, giraffes will have one or two offspring in a lifetime with at least 2 years in between each birth. One of the reasons April is such a phenomenon is because she is 15 years old and has 4 babies already- that is practically unheard of. Additionally, if she is pregnant again already (remember her last birth was just 5 months ago), she will have greatly surpassed the statistics of her kind.

April’s birth to her fourth son, Tajiri, was a viral experience for the world. For 65 days, millions of people were glued to their mobile devices and computers waiting for her birth. After the much-anticipated birth, Tajiri came into the world at a striking 5’9”, and now 5 months later, he’s nearly 10 feet tall! Below is him just a couple minutes old!

April is known for her incredible maternal skills and her constant protection over each one of her children. Even though April’s children are full grown- literally- she extends a beautiful care towards them. If she is indeed pregnant, she is going to be an incredible mama to baby number 5!

Animal Adventure Park is currently inviting everyone who loves April to take part in joining along the journey. If you’re interested in following the story of April and her possible pregnancy, you can follow the Animal Adventure Park Facebook!

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