UPS Drivers Just Ranked 5 Stars For Employee Satisfaction. The Reason Why- Dogs!

November 10, 2017

After learning that UPS drivers are highly satisfied with their job and are ranking UPS as a 5 out of 5 job, I am determined to be a UPS Delivery Woman! That’s right, you read that correctly. I know it might sound a little bit of a change in course from a nurse. But after you read this, you’re probably going to be right there with me!

Meet the man who is putting UPS on the map for “Best Places To Work:” Sean McCarren. Sean has been with UPS for 17 years now and has loved every moment of his job for one very special reason: dogs! Since day one, he has been loving- and being loved right back- by all of the dogs of the people he’s delivered packages too. That sure sounds like a great way to spend your day!

McCarren says that while the company itself is great, it’s the families and their dogs that make working there so amazing. He said, “Ideally, I would just hang out with the people and dogs all day, but that’s not really feasible, so longer delivery stops than normal will have to do.”

He’s not the only one either! In fact, McCarren was having such an incredible time alongside his route’s residents that he decided to make a Facebook page! He had hoped that his colleagues were also experiencing cuddles, fetch, and kissing from the canine companions during their workday. He had expected a couple people to follow the page, and maybe even a shared picture here and there, but to his surprise, his page soared!

The beloved Facebook page, “UPS Dogs” took off instantly! Now, 4 years after starting the page, there are over 700,000 people following it! UPS drivers and recipients alike post pictures of happy dogs and happier UPS drivers! I follow the page myself and it truly brightens every day!

Recently, UPS drivers have been greeted by other animals too! From exotic birds to deer, animals of all sorts are loving the attention of their faithful friends, the UPS drivers!

UPS Team- living the life; Loved by people and loved by dogs. Is there anything better? Thank you, UPS for being a standup delivery service and for passing kindness and joy! You all rock! And to Sean, McCarren- thank you, for starting a page where the rest of the world could share in the joy!

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